Q&A for parent carers: Grants, home adaptations and financial help schemes

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Wednesday 11 October 2023

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Many families with disabled children in the UK are eligible for grants and other financial support schemes that can help towards the cost of household bills, health, education, transport, home adaptations, specialist equipment and other essential needs.

To help you find out more about these schemes and how to access them, our helpline advisers are hosting a special Q&A session on Wednesday 18 October between 10-11:30am over at Contact’s private Facebook Group for parent carers.

This will be a great chance to ask us anything about applying for grants, discounts and other sources of financial support for your family.

Please note that the session will not cover DWP benefits. You can find lots of information about benefits on our website or contact our helpline directly for further advice.

How to join the Q&A session

To take part in the Q&A, you must be a member of our Facebook Group for parent carers. Simply request to join, make sure to answer the three membership questions when prompted, and one of our moderators will add you to our community.

At 10am on Wednesday, our team will share a special Q&A post in the group where parent carers can ask their questions in writing in the comments. Our advisers will be on hand to answer any questions asked between 10am and 11:30am.

The Q&A session will will be carried out in writing, so there’s no need to take the morning off to watch a livestream! Simply pop by the group anytime between 10-11:30am to leave a comment with your question, and then pop back later to see our reply.

Some questions are more complex and may take us a bit longer to answer, but don’t worry: we will reply to all questions asked between 10 and 11.30am.

More information about financial support 

You can find out more about grants and other sources of financial support on our website, as well as in our Money Matters guides for families in England and Wales or in Scotland

Use the online Grants Search tool to look for organisations that may help to fund adaptations, products and services for your disabled child, or download our lists of charities who provide general grants and educational grants to families.