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Contact the media office

For media enquiries only, contact us on:

  • 020 7608 8741/8776 - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.
  • 07599 930 090 - out of hours.

Unfortunately due to staff capacity we can't help with student enquiries. But there's lots of information on this website on carer and disability issues.

Case studies

We have a database of families with disabled children who are excellent speakers and are happy to talk to the media on a range of issues.

Experts and spokespeople

We have spokespeople who are experts in a range of carer and disability issues available for media interviews.

Amanda Batten, CEO of Contact and Chair of the Disabled Children's Partnership

Amanda has worked in the disability sector for 16 years, having previously been Director of Policy and Communications at the National Autistic Society.

Una Summerson, Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Contact.

Una has championed disability rights for over 14 years and was a finalist in the Sheila McKechnie Foundation Awards 2018 for Contact's campaign work on school transport for disabled children. She was also instrumental in Contact's successful campaign to stop the DLA takeaway for disabled children in hospital.

Recent campaigns

Statistics about disabled children and their families

  • In the UK, there are 1 million disabled children, 33% more than a decade ago (Disabled Children's Partnership,Give It Back, 2019).
  • 99.1% of disabled children live at home and are supported by their families (Contact).
  • A quarter of parents of disabled children provide 100 hours of care a week - equivalent to three full-time jobs (Contact, Caring More than Most, 2017).
  • 52% of families with a disabled child are at risk of experiencing poverty, due to the difficulties of working and caring. (Every Disabled Child Matters, Disabled Children and Child Poverty, 2007).
  • It costs three times more to raise a disabled child, as it does to raise a child without disabilities.
  • Children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) are seven times more likely to be excluded from school. (Department for Education, 2016).
  • 22% of children with disabilities are illegally excluded from school every week - put on part-time timetables, asked not to attend school trips or to stay away during school inspections. (Contact, Falling Through The Net, 2013).

About Contact

We are the charity for families with disabled children.

We understand that life with a disabled child brings unique challenges, and we exist to help families feel valued, supported, confident and informed.

To make that happen, we work in three closely linked ways - we support families through a national helpline and one to one support, we bring families together to support each other and we help families to campaign to improve life for themselves and others.

Last year:

  • Our helpline provided advice to 10,644 families, with invaluable information on a range of issues including financial support and getting help for a child in school.
  • On average families who called our Family Finances helpline team are more than £5,000 per year better off after receiving advice.
  • 4,038 parents attended our workshops, learning about rights and entitlements, and getting support for managing challenging behaviour and helping children with sleep issues.
  • We provided emotional and practical support to over 1,393 families whose children were receiving treatment in hospitals through our By Your Side programme.

Find out more about us.