The difference your gift makes

We simply couldn’t do what we do without your generous support.

There is a desperate lack of services and support for the 620,000 parents in the UK who care for a disabled child. 

As a result, families face a huge range of challenges and many feel isolated and alone. Coping with extra financial costs and practical challenges can put an enormous strain on daily life, with families more likely to face emotional issues, stress and anxiety. 

Thanks to you, we can be here

In 2022/23 we supported 291,000 families with life-changing support.

We simply couldn’t do this without you.

As a charity, we rely on the donations of our generous supporters to continue providing our vital services. Every donation you make goes into funding our services for families with disabled children. 

Watch Adele and Molly’s story

Some of the ways your gift could help

Giving families the best advice and support

You could help fund our team of helpline parent advisers and family support workers.,

Last year we answered almost 13,000 enquiries from parent carers and provided up-to-date coronavirus advice on our website.

Funding workshops, events and drop-ins

Last year we ran 400 online workshops and 100 family events for a total of 5,000 parents

Our events are an opportunity for families to get together, build friendships and get mutual support. Your donations mean we can run even more across the UK.

Campaigning for change

Our 15,000 campaigners have helped us change government policy, win court appeals for families and lobbied to ensure families with disabled children aren’t left behind.

You could fund our campaigns team and help us tackle the inequalities faced by families with disabled children.

Contact was literally a lifeline. The first time I had contact with them was the day we received our son’s diagnosis. I was given information and understanding. Most importantly I was given hope and support. I will never be able to say thank you enough.

We’ve taken part in many workshops, family events and activities organised by Contact. But one of the biggest factors for me has been that Contact has stopped us feeling so alone. We are part of a bigger family who can support each other.

Contact is very special. They truly understand the depths and complexities families with disabled children face every day. They speak our language and provide practical support that is truly life-changing.

Our impact

After using our services in 2022/23, families tell us:


feel better informed about the support they need


feel more confident


would recommend Contact to others

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