Back to school and a new routine

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Tuesday 31 August 2021

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Next week children will be back at school and we’ll all be wondering where the summer went!

We understand that it might be a worrying time for some families as children get ready to swap from holiday routines to a planned school day, together with concerns you may have about how schools are going to keep your child safe from Covid-19.

Contact is here to help.

Settling back

Starting the new academic year can be a scary time for many children, particularly for those changing schools or starting a new school. To help, we’ve just published a new podcast, Top tips for starting school.

Listen back to our webinar on managing behaviour and anxiety with Dionne Hollis (Occupational Therapist) and Stephanie Carr (Speech and Language Therapist) on support strategies for managing behaviour and anxiety

And if you have a child who is changing schools in September, take at a look at our top tips prepared by a special educational needs teacher and a group of parents to help you navigate changes of school, for example from nursery to primary, or junior to secondary, or if you move and have to start school in another area.

How schools will keep children safe in class

Listen to our Back to school in England podcast outlining the steps schools will be taking to keep your children safe at school.

And you can find out more about the steps schools across all four UK nations are taking to keep pupils safe from Covid-19.

Take a look in our Fledglings shop

The Back to School collection in our online Fledglings shop is packed with everything you need to start the new term in style including sensory school wear, products to help your child’s concentration and toys and aids to help your child express their feelings and emotions.

Other resources to help

Take a look at our Common Question Tool which answers some of your top questions about school.

Our website also has comprehensive information about education and learning for disabled children and young people

Look at some of our finance resources to help parents and children prepare for the new school term.