Don’t miss our RSV resources as the cold temperatures set in

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Monday 7 November 2022

Unfortunately, winter is known as “cold and flu season” for good reason. But while most colds are mild, some can become quite serious.

RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) is one such example. RSV is one of the most common viral causes of coughs and colds in winter. It’s highly infectious, and the main cause of breathing difficulties (bronchiolitis) in babies and young children.

Most colds caused by RSV result in mild symptoms of bronchiolitis. In more serious cases, babies and children can become unwell with breathing difficulties and need to go to hospital.

Our RSV resources

It’s important to know how to identify RSV and when to get emergency care. We have lots of resources to help.

Visit our RSV page, where our health lead Amanda answers some of the most common questions about RSV, its main symptoms and preventative steps you can take.

You can also read this information in Polish, Arabic, Somali and Welsh.

You can also listen to our podcast all about RSV in English, Polish, Arabic, Somali and Welsh, or watch our animated video, below.