Are you worried about Universal Credit uplift ending?

2 mins read

Thursday 1 July 2021

Tags: benefits, universal credit, counting the costs

Despite pressure from Contact, the government’s weekly £20 uplift in Universal Credit payments will come to an end in September.

Are you worried about the impact this will have on your family?

We want to know if this will affect your income so that we can campaign for better financial support for families with disabled children.

Our flagship Counting the Costs survey is open for another week. We’re calling on families to take part in our survey and tell us:

  • The impact on benefits like Disability Living Allowance and Universal Credit.
  • The impact of shielding and furlough on your family.
  • Whether you’ve had extra caring duties or working hours.
  • Whether you’ve been going without (or accruing debt).
  • Your concerns about the future.

And by taking part, you’ll have a chance to win a £100 voucher!

Need advice on Universal Credit?

Visit our Universal Credit webpage to find out more about what Universal Credit is, when you might be expected to claim it, and how much you’ll expect to receive.

You can use our Frequently Asked Questions tool to help you find answers to some of the questions we’re most asked about on our helpline.

And you can join our (closed) Facebook group to talk to other parents who’ve been there before. Joining our Facebook Group is easy. Just answer a few simple questions to register and you’re in!