Cuts to benefits

Over the last six years families with disabled children have been affected by many of the changes to the benefits and tax system.

Our welfare reform briefing paper [PDF] shows that some of changes mean families with disabled children are worse off.

Universal Credit

Our briefing on Universal Credit [PDF] explains why many more disabled children will be worse off than the originally estimated 100,000.

See our section on Universal Credit to find out more about our campaign.

Personal Independence Payment

Since the introduction of Personal Independence Payment (PIP) many families have called our helpline complaining about the process, especially the face-to-face assessment.

This is causing unnecessary worry and pressure on disabled people and their family carers.

Want we want

  • Improvements to the process so disabled young people are financially supported and not caused undue stress throughout their claim for PIP.

What you can do

What we're doing

We've gathered evidence from families and have made the following recommendations:

  • The evidence gathering process should be improved so that disabled people are not asked to attend a face-to-face assessment if they don't need to.
  • Assessor training on specific condition groups must be improved, and where possible disabled people should be matched with assessors who have a good knowledge of their condition or impairment.
  • Income support for the person caring for a disabled person claiming PIP should be extended until a decision on PIP has been made.
  • Independent reviews should continue to take place during the roll out of the benefit so that concerns are monitored and addressed.