How we support forums in England

We are the delivery partner of the Department for Education in supporting parent carer participation in England.

Read our latest annual report (2018-19) to find out how Contact have supported parent carer forums this year, and about the impact forums make to local services.

We support parent carer forums in the following ways

  • A named parent carer participation adviser for each forum able to offer telephone and email advice and support.  Face to face support may also be available if necessary.
  • Support and advice to forums in relation to the grant process and completion of forms; management of the grant process, including grant application approval and grant monitoring approval.
  • An annual event hosted by Contact and the NNPCF, which is open to all parent carer forums.
  • Information and resources to support forum's engagement with health partners locally, and routes to provide feedback on parent carer experiences to NHS England and other national health bodies via our Strategic Health Lead.
  • Regular news and updates on the issues that matter to forums including good practice examples, consultations, changes to legislation, events etc.
  • Intensive support through our associate pool or mediators when significant issues arise.
  • Complimentary subscription to Community Matters (who provide legal and technical advice, information and support to community organisations) for all parent carer forums for the duration of our contract to help with governance and legal issues.

Learning and development

Please go to the learning and events for forums page or email

The Contact and NNPCF parent carer participation newsletter (England)

Contact and the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) produce a joint parent carer participation newsletter.  Download the September edition or view in your web browser, or download the June edition or view in your web browser.

This newsletter contains key information about the development of parent carer participation, information about important changes across health services, special education and social care in England, news for local forums, the latest news from the NNPCF and opportunities for forums to participate. Sign up for the parent carer participation joint newsletter.