Engaging with local health partners

Engaging with local health partners - a toolkit for parent carer forums

Our Engaging with local health partners toolkit [PDF] explains health commissioning structures locally and nationally, answers the 'who does what' question and introduces some of the levers forums can access to influence local decision making.

Book a Contact workshop

We have an introductory workshop that forums can purchase to help understand the different organisations and terminology. The workshop will help you identify key points for influencing and engagement. It is aimed at forums that want a more bespoke, facilitated learning sessions.

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Working with NHS England and your Clinical Commissioing Group (CCG)

The Children with Complex Needs (SEND) Board is responsible for overseeing CCG's implementation of the SEND reforms. Contact and the National Network of Parent Carer Forums (NNPCF) representatives sit on the board.

The board has implemented a regional SEND network so every region and local NHS England office has a named SEND lead. The leads are responsible for overseeing the work of CCGs, including how they build strategic partnerships with parent carer forums.

If you want to contact your regional lead, get in touch with your parent participation adviser or our strategic health lead at lynnhoppenbrouwers@contact.org.uk

Find out more at NHS England.