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This page contains recorded online learning and webinars, training videos and the latest reports on parent carer participation.

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Recorded online learning and webinars

All recorded online learning sessions have now been organised into playlists by topic on the parent carer forum online learning from Contact Youtube account.

Recent recorded online learning sessions

SEND health services What are NHSE I doing nationally and regionally to respond. Families and parent carer forums are reporting continued disruption to many health services in the wake of covid with many describing long waiting times and difficulties accessing services. The NNPCF have been working with NHS England/Improvement to highlight these concerns. This online learning session with National and regional colleagues looks to understand  the steps that NHSE/I are taking with partners to respond to this situation. View the recording of the session and download the presentation.

NNPCF response to the SEND Green Paper. The long awaited SEND Green Paper was published in late March. Watch a recording of the NNPCF Co-chairs Tina Emery and Mrunal Sisodia as they share the initial NNPCF response to the proposals. Tina and Mrunal outline different ways that parent carer forums and individual parents can respond to the consultation and have their voices heard. View the recording of the session, download the presentation and view the results of the Menti survey taken during the session.

From the Department for Education: The SEND local area support programme. The Department for Education, working with a range of delivery partners, offer a more comprehensive suite of support to local areas – some of you will have heard about the development of a diagnostic framework or the Delivering Better Value in SEND programme for example. We asked the Department for Education to put on this online learning session, for parent carer forums, to set out how all of this work fits together and what parent carer forums can expect from the offer. Fiona Nzegwu, Deputy Director, Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Improvement and Operations Division at the Department for education takes forums through their new programme of work and answers questions.  View the recording of this session on YouTube.

Grants online learning session 2022. Ben Bennett and Kate Hurn guide you through the grant application and monitoring process providing helpful hints on how best to complete your application and monitoring forms and outlining any changes that have been made to the process this year. View the recording of this session on YouTube.

Understanding childhood deafness and how the National Deaf Children’s Society support’s families. This session covers: Childhood deafness explained, deaf children & education, specialist Support, how you can support deaf parents and the support and services The National Deaf Children’s Society offer families. View the recording of the session on YouTube and download the presentation from the session.

Co-producing the Local Offer. The session covers; What Local Offer is, What it should include and how can it be used, Why co-producing your Local Offer is important, Examples of parent carer forums who have co-produced their local offers, A co production journey from the perspective of a local authority. View the recording of the session on YouTube and Download the presentation from the session.

Positive Communications, How to Create them and Why they Matter presented by Wendy Davey – Contact Associate and freelance Communications consultant. This session covers: The power of positive personal stories to raise awareness and engage new members, Practical ideas and tools for generating and telling positive stories via social media, websites and the news media and much more. View the recording of the session on YouTube and Download the presentation to support this session.

Safeguarding for Forums: Children and Vulnerable Adults presented by Sherran Finney. This session covers;      What is meant by Safeguarding and Child protection, Legislation, Definitions of types of abuse, Role of a Parent Carer Forum, Key components of policies and procedures and Building confidence to recognise and effectively manage safeguarding concerns. View the recording of the session on YouTube. Download the presentation to support the session.

Lets Go Digital presented by Lisa Aldred of Contact, Bolton Forum and Sheffield parent carer forums and the Lamplight Team. The session covers; How different Forums use Lamplight database and what it can be used for and how this may fit into their everyday forum practices. The Lamplight team demonstrate how this database database can help safely collect and manage information. View the recording of the session on YouTube. Download the presentation to support the session.

Legal structures and governance, presented by John Wilson from Community Matters, covers a range of Governance structures that Forums could have including Unincorporated Associations, Community Incorporated Organisations, Community Interest Companies and Registered Charities etc. He looks at the pros and cons of each. See a recording of the session on YouTube. Download the presentation to support the session and view the flowchart referred to in the session.

The Children’s Social Care Review – “The Case for Change”
Online learning session recording. This session is presented by NNPCF Co-chair Mrunal Sisodia and Josh McAllister the independent chair of the review. Download the presentation from the learning session along with the survey results taken as part of the session.

Integrated Care Systems – what they mean for SEND and parent carer forums
Online learning session recording. This session explores the Integrated Care System and the wide ranging impact on the way in which services for children with SEND are commissioned and delivered. NNPCF co-chair Mrunal Sisodia and Contact Strategic Health Lead Amanda Elliot step through the planned changes and what they might mean for SEND services and parent carer forums. Download the presentation from the learning session along with the survey results taken as part of the session.

Coproduction resources

Introduction to co-production

Watch this co-production video or watch the subtitled version, where forums, local authorities, health providers and commissioners share their experiences of working in co-production and how it helped them improve services.

Online learning

Families in Partnership (FIP)Our Coproduction Journey in Worcestershire. As part of Coproduction Week 2020, we hear from Sally Keane, Chair of Families in Partnership about how the parent carer forum has developed since they were set up in 2017. We hear how working together with partners they have developed a coproduction culture in Worcestershire  and the difference this has made to families of disabled children. Download the associated presentation.

How associate support helped embed coproduction in Herefordshire.  As part of Coproduction Week 2020, in this short webinar we hear from Max Bassett (Vice Chair of Parent Carer Voice Herefordshire) ;Kate Rowe (Contact Associate) and Sue Mennear (Regional Parent Participation Adviser) about how associate support helped embed coproduction and a new way of working in Herefordshire.  Download the associated presentation.

Co-production, Campaigning & the Independence of Parent Carer Forums presented by Mrunal Sisodia NNPCF Co-Chair, Kate Hurn and Sue Mennear, Contact, with contribution from Carol Kelsey (Co-ordinator at Herts Parent Carer Involvement.) The webinar includes; How parent carer forums can work with campaign groups for better outcomes for families, What parent carer forums can and can’t do to support campaigns, A good practice case study from Herts Parent Carer Involvement about the Nascot Lawn Campaign… and much more. Download the associated presentation.  Other related documents include the recently updated Co-production and Campaigning Guidance , along with overview of HPCI for professionalsHPCI statement on campaigning, a short case study about Nascot Lawn.

Quality Indicators for co-production – a framework and self-evaluation tool.

Contact hosts the National Alliance for Partnership Working (NAPW), a consortium of delivery partners for the SEND reforms who have been working together to develop a common language around co-production.

Using the Quality Indicators of co-production framework [.doc] should help develop a shared level of understanding and expectation to which all local area partners can aspire.

The Quality Indicators draw on the four principles of co-production which measure how Local Areas are working and help identify next steps on the journey to embedding a culture of co-production in working with families of children and young people with SEND.

For more information or support to improve and develop co-production, please contact

Resources to help you run your forum

Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion

All parent carer forums aspire to be inclusive and representative of the families in their areas so that they can effectively represent all parent carers’ voices.

Following on from our conference sessions on the Diversity and Inclusion toolkit and developing an Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policy, we are pleased to be able to share:

We have developed some template Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion policies for parent carer forums to adapt for their own use:

These templates are to help parent carer forums to develop policies which are right for them at their stage of development.  Individual forums will need to ensure that the policy meets their needs and enables them to develop a fully inclusive culture.

Cyber Security

Information and tips for forums on cyber security

This is not intended to be exhaustive but we hope you find it a useful starting point.

Resources from special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) decision making and the law workshops

In January/February 2017, workshops were held across the nine regions to assist local authorities in interpreting and applying the legal requirements of the Children and Families Act 2014 to some of the key decision points

The workshops were led by the Department for Education SEND Adviser team and IPSEA, facilitated by Mott MacDonald. All resources that were either used or referred to across these workshops are now available to download on the Mott MacDonald website.

If you have any queries about the SEND decision making and the law workshops, please direct these to or call the helpline on 0207 651 0308

Running a forum online workshops

Summary versions of training sessions held across the country are available on YouTube. Some of the sessions also have supporting documentation.

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