Advice for fathers

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This advice applies across the UK.

The dads we meet play a mixed role in caring for their child. Some deal with most of the appointments while others said that their partner became the ‘keyworker’, dealing with health and education services while they worked to pay for extra costs. Fathers in this position often feel uninformed because their partner finds out things first.

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Tips for fathers

Tips for fathers from fathers

Many of the parents we work with say they value hearing from other people going through the same experiences. These tips come from other fathers of disabled children.

Work and benefits

Working parents may have a legal right to take time off in certain circumstances, such as paternity leave, parental leave and flexible working. Check with your employer for copies of their staff handbook or relevant policies.

Charity Working Families also have lots of resources on employment law for parents and carers.

It’s important to find out what financial support you can claim as the parent of a disabled child. This includes Disability Living Allowance (DLA), replaced by Disabled Child Payment (DCP) in Scotland, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), replaced by Adult Disability Payment (ADP) in Scotland and Carer’s Allowance, being replaced in some areas of Scotland by Carers Support Payment (CSP), prior to national rollout.