Coronavirus and your child's education

From Friday 20 March, UK schools have closed indefinitely to minimise transmission of Covid-19.

Most children must now stay at home, but the government has allowed for some exceptional cases. These are:

  • Children of key workers, i.e. those working on the front line of the coronavirus situation such as doctors and nurses.
  • Vulnerable children.

These children can expect their education provision to continue in an education setting.

The law on school attendance for children of compulsory school age has been temporarily relaxed. This means that you will not be committing an offence if your child is not attending school.

See nation-specific information below for how this applies to each country in the UK, and how children are being supported.

Cancellation of GCSEs and A Levels this year

Exams have been cancelled for 2020 to give pupils, parents, and teachers certainty, and enable schools and colleges to focus on supporting vulnerable children and the children of key workers. You can find out more in this government publication about exams in 2020.

Nation-specific information

Legislations and timetables vary in each devolved nation. See education information in: