Support under the SEN system

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This advice applies in Wales only. Read information for families in England, Northern Ireland or Scotland.

The Wales education system is changing – make sure you’re in the right place

Who is this information for?

The Welsh government introduced a new system of support for children with ALN, called the ALN framework, on 1 September 2021 to replace the existing SEN system.

The new system is gradually phasing in until Summer 2024. This means that the support your child receives might come under the old or the new system, depending on where they are in the transfer process.

If your child was receiving support in education before 1 September 2021, that support comes under the SEN system and the SEN code of practice.

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If your child starts to receive support in education for the first time after 1 September 2021 and is in year 10 or below, their support will come under the ALN framework.