Child Winter Heating Assistance

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Child Winter Heating Assistance is a payment to help families with severely disabled children pay their winter heating costs.

This is an annual payment of £202 made to each family in Scotland who has a child under 19 who qualifies for one of the following qualifying benefits:

You will get this new winter payment for each child in your family who gets one of the qualifying disability benefits, regardless of what other income you have.

To qualify, your child must have been receiving the highest rate care component for at least one day between 20 September 2021 and 26 September 2021. This includes where payment of the disability benefit had been suspended in that week because they were in residential accommodation.

If your child wasn’t awarded the higher rate care component until some point after 26 September, but that award was backdated to cover that week, you should still qualify. 

During winter 2020/21 the scheme did not apply to young people on PIP, only to those on DLA or Child Disability Payment. However in November 2021 the rules were changed to extend entitlement to 16-18 year olds on the enhanced daily living component of PIP. The Scottish government has said that parents with a young person who was on the enhanced rate of PIP daily living component during the 3rd week of Sept 2020 will also receive a backdated payment of child winter heating assistance to cover winter 2020.

Normally a payment is only awarded where a child lives in Scotland. However, special rules sometimes mean a grant can be paid where a child on a qualifying disability lives in an EEA country or Switzerland but has a genuine and sufficient link to Scotland. 

The new payment will be made automatically using Department for Work and Pensions / Social Security Scotland records, so you do not need to apply. Payments are made in batches during the winter. If you think you should qualify for a payment but have not received a letter about this by 31 December please contact Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222.