If you feel or believe that your child is being bullied, then it helps to be as clear as you can about the details before you contact the school.

Speak to your child and try to write down as much of the detail about what happened as possible. This will help you to identify if there are any patterns to the bullying and keep a record for current and future use. 

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Types of bullying

There are different forms of bullying, such as:

Keeping a bullying record or log

We have a ready prepared bullying diary [doc] you can fill in, which encourages you to record the right information to raise the issue with the school in the most effective way.

It includes questions such as:

Using the record when you meet the school

Having a bullying record can help provide evidence to show the school that your child is being bullied and how they are affected. Remember the accepted definition of what bullying is. Before you meet with the school, think about how your child was affected:

When meeting with the school, you might want to summarise the following, supported by the bullying log.

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