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Raising a formal complaint template letter

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Our experts have put together a template letter for parents to fill in when raising a formal complaint about bullying. It details the correct information to include.

Simply copy and paste into a letter and fill in the details as directed or delete information to make it relevant to your situation.

Date: Fill in date of letter

Dear (name of teacher or head/chair of governors/depending on the school complaint procedure, you may wish to copy your complaint to local authority).

I believe my son/daughter is still being bullied. My child is… (describe your child in a few lines – have they changed? If so, start with how they were before the bullying and now).

Bullying to date…(add information or attach bullying log)

I know there are patterns to the bullying…(describe the patterns).

If this does not stop, I believe that…(add your thoughts about the effects and what might happen. If you have sought help from a professional such as a GP or CAMHS, include any relevant reports).

I have spoken to the head/school about my child being bullied (give name of person you spoke to and dates) but no action has been taken/the bullying has not stopped/the bullying is getting worse. (delete as appropriate or add your own points.)

I would very much like meet with you to discuss my complaint and what the school can do to stop the bullying.

I understand that the school has a duty of care towards my child and do not feel that it is following the law and/or guidance. To stop the bullying, I feel the school could…(see our webpages on how schools can help stop bullying for suggestions.)

(If the school is not doing what it must or should do, give details here.)

I am available for a meeting on (give dates).

I would like to bring a friend or adviser with me (give name).

Yours sincerely,

Your name, (parent of….)

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