Raising a concern template letter

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Our experts have put together a template letter for parents to fill in when raising a concern about bullying to the school.

It details the correct information to tell the school that your child is being bullied.

Simply copy and paste into a letter and fill in the details as directed or delete information to make it relevant to your situation.

Date (fill in date)

Dear (name of teacher or headteacher),

I believe my son/daughter is being bullied. This is upsetting her/him very much.

I would very much like to meet you to discuss what the school can do to stop the bullying.

(If you have spoken to the school before) I have spoken to the school about my child being bullied (give name of person you spoke to and dates) but no action has been taken/the bullying has not stopped/the bullying is getting worse (use any of these points or add your own).

Please find attached a report of the bullying giving the details of what has happened.

I understand that the school has a duty of care towards my child and do not feel that it is following the law and/or guidance.

To stop the bullying, I feel the school could…(see our webpages on how schools can help stop bullying for suggestions).

I would like a copy of my child’s school record. Please pass on this request to the chair of governors.

I would also like copies of the school’s behaviour, anti-bullying and special educational needs policy.

(If the school is not doing what it must or should do, give details.)

I am available for a meeting on (give dates).

I would like to bring a friend or adviser with me (give name).

Yours sincerely,

Fill in name, parent of (fill in child’s name…)

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