Challenging attitudes and stigma

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Why we’re campaigning

Our What makes my family stronger [PDF] survey of over 600 families found that negative attitudes toward disability, coupled with a lack of services, are the main barriers preventing families with disabled children leading ordinary lives.

What we want

  • Better reporting of disability-related harassment and bullying
  • Equality training for all people working in a public facing role.
  • A stronger focus on disability awareness in schools and early years.
  • Positive media stories about disabled children and their families.

What you can do

What we’re doing

We think that allowing families to tell their story helps challenge some of the myths and stigma facing families with disabled children:

  • Our Our Family Our Future [PDF] report gives unique insight into the lives of families with disabled children – both the joys and the difficulties.
  • Our press team promotes positive media stories about the lives of disabled children.